Bauer Producx

made with love and pride from our home to yours

Birthday present turned Passion Project.... you'll probably see that a lot, Passion Project, because that's exactly what this is. Building or fixing has always been something done in our household but more out of necessity or need, like the shed we needed for storage or the staircase that needed fixing. In 2015 Josh needed to get his sister a birthday gift, and knowing that she LOVES wine, he decided to make her a wine rack. The end result was better than could have been expected, and he loved every second of creating it!


The wine rack has since become our staple piece, but we have expanded our work and been commissioned to make dining tables, dressers, wall hangings, outdoor patio furniture, indoor furniture, holiday decor, a reception desk at a local hair salon.. you name it, Bauer Producx is pretty much ready to take on your project!


Did you know that Bauer Producx is located in the same place that Bauer Print Co. was for over 75 years? Although the two men that started and ran the printshop are no longer with us, their essence is felt everyday in the workshop. We are extremely honored to be able to carry on the Bauer family name and we hope that Bauer Producx will be able to do for our community what Bauer Print did before us.

Within each piece of wood and beneath each unwanted piece, is beauty yet to be seen... let Bauer Producx bring it to you. Help us make this something amazing. Help us to unite the need for work, with the passion for creating! Message us with your project and let's make it happen!